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Air, Land & Sea


A game for 2 players
Playing time is 15 minutes
Publisher is Arcane Wonders


Do you have skills to lead your nation’s best and bravest in the Air, Land & Sea from Arcane Wonders?

Setting up the game

Air, Land & Sea is played over several rounds, until a player has accumulated 12 points. In the middle of the game, the 3 theatres are randomly placed and each player is dealt 6 cards. To win a battle, you must either convince your opponent that he is not going to win and give up or make sure you are the strongest at 2 theatres after all cards have been played. Players take turns to play a card from their hand and place it face-up at the right theatre or face-down in front of a strength of value 2. So to ensure you can win, you must have placed the highest value at a theatre. After playing your card, check if there is an action on the card and then perform it.

Once all players have played their cards and no one has given up, the player who has won the most battles at the theatres wins. This one receives 6 points. After this there is another round, place the rightmost theatre first and give each player 6 cards again. Play on until one player has 12 points and that is the winner of Air, Land & Sea.

Conclusion & final score

Difficulty: 1.70/ 5
Re-playability: 8
My score: 7 out of 10 dice

Air, Land & Sea is a fun 2 player card game in which you will try to win from your opponent with 6 cards. Will your cards be the strongest at the different theatres or will you surrender in time to keep your opponent from scoring too many points? It’s fun how the cards can be played with abilities, both for yourself and your opponent. The game contains easy rules and is therefore an excellent game for in between, it also comes in a small box so you can take it anywhere.

My thanks to Arcane Wonders for this review copy and the opportunity to write a piece about it.

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