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Draft & Write Records


A game for 1 – 6 players
Playing time is 30 – 60 minutes
Publisher is Inside Up Games


Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to be part of the best music band? Get your crew together and select the best producers or backstage staff.
Go on a road trip and earn rewards that will lead to the most get Star Power (VP)!
So get this show on the road

Setting up the game

Each player will get a band sheet and a pencil. On a central spot on the table, place the colored pencils.

Choose a cool band name and give your band a starting color, which needs to be added to your band sheet.

Select the play cards based on the number of players and shuffle them. These can be placed face down in the middle of the table.

Place the “pass direction card” face up, so the way these turn between players is clarified.

Shuffle the goal stack cards and place 4 of them face up. Also, give each player 2 goal stack cards and keep 1.

Now we are ready to rock & roll 🎸🎙

Let’s play

Each round has two phases;

-Week phase
-Weekend phase

During the week phase, each player drafts 5 cards from the play stack. Each of the cards has, on the left upper corner, the representing action the player can take this round: hiring a band member, planning their tour schedule, or improving their assets.

The next step will be that the player chooses 1 of the 5 cards, which they will use and apply the representing action on their band sheet.

Once all players have done their action, the 4 remaining cards will be given face down to the next player. This direction is indicated on the “pass direction card”.

This will be repeated when all cards are played and actions are taken.

Then the weekend phase will start, where each player checks the public goal cards and their personal goal card.

When the public goal cards are achieved by one or more players, each player will get Star Power. Then this card will be discarded and refreshed for the new week phase. When you achieve your personal goal card, you’ll also get Star Power.

When a player claims their sixth goal, the end game will be triggered. Besides this claim, the end game can also be triggered if a player checks off all five fail spaces or fills all 12 of their crew posts.

The total score will be related to how much Star Power you achieved on the Crew, Goal, Harmony, Agenda, Tour, and Releases sections. Then deduct the points from the fail section, and the final Star Power is there.

When you have the most Star Power, you’ll be the most famous band and the winner of the game!

Conclusion & final score

Difficulty: 2.43/ 5
Re-playability: 7
My score: 8 out of 10 dice

It’s a very good draft & write game. And especially the nice small details which are used in the player cards, they have the shapes engraved of vinyl records. Really appreciate this special feature in these type of small games. It was the first thing which we noticed at Spiel last year.

Fun part is really in the cards that need to be given away each turn, which makes it also a bit frustrating at some points. Because you want more card to play but on the other hand you can also pick away some cards for the other players.

The artwork of the cards are also nicely done and some are drawn in a way you think you recognize the person on it.

The diversity of ways to get your superstar status is done ok. Some goals are a little out of balance, but still fun enough to play this several times. The rules are fine, they feel a bit chaotic in the beginning but when you dive more into the rules with the scoresheet you will understand them.

My thanks to Inside Up Games for this review copy and the opportunity to about it.

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