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A game for 2 – 4 players
Playing time is around 30-60 minutes
Publisher is Funnyfox


At the top of Mount Olympus, hidden above the clouds, lies Mytikas. Uncover the mystery of Olympus and draw nearer to the divine light. You must therefore construct cities and magnificent temples at different levels on the mountain by moving your resources closer to the summit. Gaining the favor of the gods at just the right moment will help you complete your task.

Setting up the game

In Mytikas, you will build cities and temples on Mount Olympus. The higher you build, the more points you earn.

You start on level 1 of the mountain At the beginning and during the game you want to build higher and higher. During your turn, place your Meeple on one of the action spaces (no occupied action spaces) and perform the action. With the actions you can collect resources, erect buildings, receive sacrifice tokens, upgrade resources, take a favorite

color token or make an offering for a god card.

You may also take gods cards from other players, provided you make a higher sacrifice than the player who bought the card.

The game ends when one of three conditions is reached:

-three of the four levels on Mount Olympus are completed,

-a player grabs the last final tile

– one player has placed all his buildings.

Count the points of the buildings and gods cards and the player with the most points is the winner.

Let’s play

As soon as everything is ready, we can start playing.
The starting player begins plays a card (so in some cases directly from his hand) and places it on the discard pile. After this, the timers shown on the card are turned over. If it is on its side, it is placed upright.

After this, this player’s turn ends and it is the next player’s turn.

As soon as the timer on the countdown track is empty or nearly empty and you play a card with the color of the timer, you may move the timer one step to the next step (one number down). After this, your turn ends as soon as you draw a card.

As soon as one of the other timers runs out and you have not turned it over in time then you turn over one of the Crowd tokens, with the purple backing. If 3 tokens have been turned over then every visitor has left your show and you have lost the game.

Conclusion & final score

Difficulty: 2.40/ 5
Re-playability: 7
Our score: 7 out of 10 dice

Mytikas is a game with a very nice theme and that’s what you see during the game. Building on this 3D mountain is also very cool. You don’t have to setup the mountain it’s ready to play directly. Rules are not that difficult but there are many ways to score points. The player interaction is great, you can bother each other with building on the mountain, steel cards from each other but also with the actions because 2 players can’t be one the same spot. Mytikas is nice worker placement game with a great theme.

Thanks to Publisher for this review copy and the opportunity to write about it.

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