Insert – Earth


Our review about the insert from Game Tamer for Earth. The team from Game Tamer bring you board game inserts that are assembled and ready for use and add improved game play and storage to your favorite games!

Tame your game with our laser cut HDF organizer for Earth.

This insert is supports the base game and Kickstarter exclusives, also if you have sleeved cards they fit perfect!

Insert comes assembled and ready for use, just get everything out of the box and you will greatly improve your setup and teardown times. Keep your cards and tokens organized in the box and on the table. The box can be stored horizontally or vertically.

The insert includes 7 removable trays:
– 4 Card trays.
– 1 Player token tray.
– 2 trays for growth, sprout pieces and soil tokens.

My Conclusion & final rating:

Quality: The quality of the these wooden insert is great, we haven’t played a lot with them but they look and feel strong. The best thing of these inserts is that they are already assembled, so that work is already done for you. Just get everything out of the box and place it in the right trays. They look beautiful and also other insert have prints on it for those games itself (spoiler for my next review).

You receive 2 trays, so when you play a 2 player game just give both players 1 tray.

Instructions: One minor thing is that you don’t receive an instruction or something like that but you need to go to the website or better, check my review ;-).

Thank to Game Tamer for letting us review this insert and to use it for Earth. If you’re interested after seeing our review and pictures then go to their website and order an insert! 

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