Folded Space – Terraforming Mars

My review about the insert from Folded Space for Terraforming Mars

The team from Folded Space bring you board game inserts that are affordable, lightweight and add improved game play and storage to your favourite games! They regularly add new inserts to their collection.

FS-TERv2 Insert

This insert is made for Terraforming Mars and the next expansions;

– Hellas & Elysium

– Venus Next

– Prelude
– Colonies
– Turmoil

Unfortunately I don’t own all the expanions yet, but just the Venus Next expanion. Before I had this insert, I always spent quite a lot of time setting up the game. All the game pieces were in loose bags with me, cards were scattered throughout the box and I had to do it all over again first and make sure all the right cards were in the right pile.

Thanks to this insert, the game is ready to play within minutes. If you play with a smaller group you don’t even have to take everything out of the box but only what you really need.

Even if you just have the base game this is insert is really something that I recommend. If you have also expanions, or like me just a couple then this is even better. You have everything into one box. Only 1 small thing, if you have the upgraded playermats then you have to take these separately from the base game. They don’t fix into the standard box, but in this case I’ve stored them with the standard playerboards into the box of Venus Next.

The trays for the coins, as you can see the value cubes :

fit perfectly in these trays. You can leave everything

in them and place it directly on the table.

The trays for the cards, as you can see they fit perfectly and just shuffle all the cards and create 3 seperate deck of cards. You can choose from which deck you want to take a card (or cards). They are also excellent for sleeved cards, I’ve sleeved them all and as you can see they fit!

The trays for the different player tokens. Just one is different

because the size of the box but

The trays for land and tree tokens. Just put these two on the table and you can pick whatever you need for playing on the table.

My Conclusion & final rating:

Quality: The quality of the foam sheets are great, in around 30 minutes your insert is completely ready to use them into your game box. But beware, make sure everything is properly dried. Their inserts are made from sheets of Evacore – a memory foam to which quality printed card is laminated to add rigidity. The great thing about these inserts is that they add almost nothing in terms of weight. Most inserts are only a few 100 grams extra and you don’t really notice anything.

I used wood glue for this myself but you can also use standard hobby glue for this. The most important thing is that everything is secure. As soon as you push the necessary parts out of the sheets, you can start gluing them. I think the quality is really good. It feels sturdy and you can use it over and over again, e.g. some games you don’t even need other trays anymore. 

Instructions: The instructions that come with it are very clear, it says exactly which sheet you need which parts from to assemble the trays. But if for any reason you have lost them, they can all be found online on the website of Folded Space.

How to use it:
 These inserts are really made for the specific games you buy them for though. Of course you can put a tray in another box but because everything is made with care for the specific game you are buying this insert for. Precisely because it is for the game you buy it for it has a huge added value, I think, you can set up the game tremendously fast because of this.

The game components are together in the right trays. Some games have no insert at all or no suitable insert and I am really in favor of this type of insert.

If you need some extra help on how to assemble the trays you can find a very well instruction on

My rating for this insert is a 9 out of 10 dice. The rating that I have given in this small review has mainly to do with how useful the insert is to me personally. The quality of the inserts are top notch, good weight and the box hardly gets heavier because of these inserts.

I want to thank Folded Space for letting me review these inserts and to let me use them for my games. If you’re interested after seeing my review and pictures then go to their website and order these inserts!

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