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Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy

Game summary:

A game for 2 – 4 players
Play time around 15 – 30 Min
Designer: Andreas Wilde

Artist: JocArt

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games www.luckyduckgames.com


This box, got the following components in it:

1 Rulebook
96 Item Cards

Beside the box, this game requires an app to play à Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy and you can find this in the Google Play or the App Store.

A few examples of item cards and a candy card. On the left you also see at what location these cards belong. In this case they all belong to Grandpa’s Attic

A few examples of vitamin cards.

Let’s get it to the table

There are strange noises coming from the attic at your grandpa’s summer house. After climbing the start, you see colorful and furry monsters everywhere! They seem to be friendly… but also really hungry! You can feed them with everything you can find. They will eat anything, but what attracts them the most is the color of objects! But they hate vitamins! so be careful when you give these to them.

In Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy you have to work together to complete each level by feeding all the creatures foods they would like to eat. It’s really a simple and fast game, in about a couple of minutes you can start to play.

First download the app and divide the four decks by matching cards with the same location icons. Place these decks (Forest, Scrapyard and Museum) also in the corresponding compartments inside the box. The app will tell you when you can play with these decks.

Now we’re ready to play with the first deck, Grandpa’s Attic. Shuffle this deck and place it next to the phone or tablet. Then start the Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy app and choose the game mode you want to play, in this case we’re going to play the story mode. The Party mode is just a single game with all the unlocked items you’ve reached in the story mode.

The app will tell you how many cards every player gets, for this first level “First Contact” every player receives 7 cards. The goal of this level and the other levels is to feed them something that is also in the same or almost the same color as the monster. You just scan the card with the QR code on the backside of the card and hold it in front of the camera. When the monster is happy and full you may draw a new card from the deck. Then you proceed to the next monster as instructed by the app.

If you feed a monster that doesn’t result in a mixed color that is similar to their color, all players lose this game and must start the level over.

During the game you will meet monsters, rabbits and more creatures and you have to feed them items. Sometimes vitamins when feeding a rabbit, when in any case you have to feed a monster with a vitamin card it will trigger the Vitamin Alarm! During this alert, you may not play a vitamin card for the first 3 cards while feeding a monster. If you do, you immediately lose and have to play the level again.

The start of a new game, Every player receives 7 cards from all the unlocked items.

Here you see the green monster after eating two items, changed a bit with his color and you receive 2 stars.

Here you see a monster and the vitamin track.

End of the game

Each level ends when all the monsters, rabbits and other creatures has been fed. Now you’re able to play the next level or maybe go to another location.

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 1.33 / 5
My rating: 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲

Set up of the game
Setting up the game is so easy, just get the deck(s) out of the box, shuffle them and start the app. Now you’re ready to play!

Quality of the components
It looks really nice, artwork both on the cards and in the app are really worked out very cool! Yes they are monsters, but on the contrary they look very cute and have a high cuddle content.

On the cards it is very clearly indicated in which deck the cards belong so if you want to start over you can always do that. We never had any problems with the app not working or scanning the QR code on the back of the card.

The app itself works very well, from the main menu you can immediately choose the story mode or party mode. The difficulty level can be adjusted per level and game and of course the number of players.

Overall impression of the game

A while ago I had heard something about Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy and I was very curious about it. During Spiel Az from Lucky Duck Games explained it to us with so much enthusiasm and we were also very excited. I already thought that my son would like this game very much.

When I played this game with my son after Spiel, he was very enthusiastic and we already played a few levels. The following days this game was always on the table during and after dinner for a few games.

But I think it is a great kids game and sometimes difficult because you do not always get the right cards and the levels are also getting harder. That makes replay ability a lot more fun! As I said before, the game looks really nice and all monsters have a high cuddliness. But also the rules are very simple and therefore it is just a very nice game. I think you already noticed that I am a real fan of this game. Also the fact that the game works with an app I find no problem, there is really a combination with cards and the use of a phone or tablet and this is also on the table. From this month (November) the game will be available in the game store(s) or through the website of Lucky Duck Games, unfortunately not yet in Dutch. What I have noticed is that at home this is not a problem, the cards are almost all without text and the app they have very quickly figured out how everything works. Of course they don’t understand everything but the explanation of what you can do with a card they quickly grasp.

We can’t wait to feed the monsters all sorts of junk again

I want to thank Az and Lucky Duck Games for providing me with this review copy, my thoughts and review are not affected by this.

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