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Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game

Game summary

A game for 2 Players  

Play time: 30 minutes

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games & Asmodee


1 Balance of the Force Track

1 White Force Marker

20 Resource Counters

140 cards (10 Empire Starter cards, 10 Rebel Starter Cards, 10 Outer Rim Pilot Cards, 20 Base cards, 2 Reference Cards and 90 Galaxy Cards)


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The Rebel Alliance fights against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. Each new victory brings the Rebels hope but the Empires resources are vast and powerful of its Imperial Navy is unmatched. Neither side willing to accept defeat, their war rages across the galaxy.

Let’s get it on the table

🔹At the start of the game, players choose who will play as the Empire and who will play as the Rebel. Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game by Asmodee & Fantasy Flight Games is played over several rounds, just until several of the other player’s bases have been destroyed. During your turn you will play cards from your hand with which you can attack the other player or buy cards from the market. 

🔹You can buy cards for your own team, or you can buy neutral cards. When you’ve bought from the market it’s time to attack the other player, you can attack cards that are in the market, attack the Base or ships. Some cards also have special abilities, you can use them during your turn.

During your turn, you also have to take a look at the Force track. You always want to have to Force on your side.

End of the game

The game ends directly when several of the other player’s bases have been destroyed.

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5

Replayability: 8

My rating: 9 out of 10 dices

🔹Artwork, components & game rules

The artwork is really nice and beautiful, sometimes it’s hard to see to what part the card belong (red, blue or neutral) but you can see this quickly on the card itself. It’s a tiny box with a nice inlay and it’s perfect for expansions? Not sure if they’re coming but I really hope there will be something!

🔹End opinion

What an interesting part to the game is buying cards, there are several cards that can be bought. Each player can buy their own cards, Rebel, Empire or neutral cards. But you can also destroy your opponent’s cards from the market before they can be bought, as soon as you succeed in doing so you also receive a bonus. This game has really cool artwork and the use of the Force Track is a nice twist, it can give you more advantage when the Force is with you. For example you can get 1 more resource but also use some special abilities that are on the cards. If you love deckbuilding games like Hero or Star Realms then you’re going to love this one too!

🙏Thanks to the publisher for this review copy

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