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Avatar The Last Airbander

Game summary

A game for 1 – 5 players

Play time around 60 minutes

Publisher The Op



15 Fire Nation Cards

16 Hero Dice

1 Lord Ozai Sculpt

1 Map Board

1 Ruin Track Card

5 Balance Track Cards

2 Balance and Ruin Track Markers

5 Team Tokens

5 Team Cards

30 Pai Sho Tokens

3 Final Battle Cards

60 Damage Counters

53 Character Cards


In this cooperative card and dice game, players must work together to recruit other Heroes from the four nations and take on various Villains in the run-up to the Day of the Black Sun. 

Will you manage to win three Final Battles with your Heroes to restore balance to the world? Based on the Nickelodeon animated series, this latest addition to The Op’s Rising light strategy card and dice game series features a unique Lord Ozai sculpture at the middle of the action.

Let’s get it on the table

On a players turn,  you progress the following action phases.

Actions on a Player’s turn

1. Place Team Token 

2. Reveal and Resolve Fire Nation Card

3. Roll and Assign Hero Dice.

4. Resolve Hero Dice

5. Conclude Turn

1. Place Team Token; The active player chooses where to send your Team token by placing the token one of the three locations on the Map board.

2. Reveal and Resolve Fire Nation Card; Turn a card and resolve the following steps

a; advance the Ruin marker up the Ruin Track, 0, 1 or 2 spaces as shown on the card

b; rotate the Fire Nation figure as shown on the card, left, right or leave it on the same location

c; The Fire Nation attacks the heroes in the location it’s facing. Add a damage counter to each of them, including the Heroes at your team 

d; all Villains in that location will then activate their team abilities

e; some heroes have abilities that activate on the active players turn when they or an adjacent hero take damage

f; If the day of Black Sun occurred on a previous turn, the fire Nation also activates the Final Battle ability in its location

3. Roll and Assign Hero Dice; On your turn you are going to collect all the dice that are shown on your Team Home Base Card plus any extra dice from Hero abilities and/or spent Pai Sho tokens.

4. Resolve Hero Dice and Finish Turn; your turn ends when you have used or discarded all of your dice.

Recruit Heroes

If you’ve assigned the matching dice to a Hero card, you’ve successfully added a new team member. Add that Hero to your team and remove any Time counters from the card.


If you’ve assigned the matching dice to a Villain card, you’ve successfully disrupted that Villain’s plans. Add a Time Counter to this Villain and you receive a Pai Sho Token for each Time Counter that you’ve added.

Balance Track

If you met the requirement of the next space on the next space on the Balance Track, move the marker 1 space up. If either the Ruin or Balance marker has reached the top track proceed to “Day of Black Sun” otherwise continue with the concluding turn.

Conclude Turn

Return all dice to the pool, unless otherwise. 

Remove your team token from the board

Any Villains or Final Battles with full Damage are placed in the discard area

Any Heroes with full damaged are place in a separate discard pile

All open space around the board is filled with the card from the character deck

Turn goes to the next player.

End of the game

When all the players complete the three Final Battles before the Fire Nation carries out their plans, you’ve won the game.

But you loose if ten ore more Heroes are defeated or if all the Heroes on any one team are defeated.

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5

Replayability: 7

My rating: 7 out of 10 dices

The Op teamed up again with Nickelodeon to bring Avatar the Last Airbender: Fire Nation Rising. 

Avatar the Last Airbender: Fire Nation Rising is a new game in the Rising series, I already posted a few more reviews about games in these series. The artwork is very nicely done and for the Avatar fans also very recognizable. The Avatar figure is impressive, that is something that comes back in all the games in the Rising series.

During the game you can add new heroes or defeat Villains. With the dice you will have to have some luck, especially in the beginning this can be a little tricky because you are dependent on the result but because on both sides of the board are 4 cards, there is enough choice. The luck can also be influenced a bit more later in the game by adding the right heroes to your team and therefore more dice.

I think this is a nice game for 2 to max 3 players, this is mainly because when you play with these numbers of players it can be very fast that everyone has a lot of dice and therefore can quickly collect heroes or defeat Villains. 

You don’t need to know anything about Avatar: The Last Airbender to enjoy this game, but fans will enjoy the teams, heroes, illustrations and even the villains. Recommended as a fun family game that can help draw show fans away from the screen and to the gaming table.

I want to thank The OP Games for letting me review this game. My opinion has not been afflicted by this. Are you curious about their other games? Be sure to check out their website

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