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The Mind – Soulmates

Game summary

Players 2 – 4 

Play time: 20 – 40 minutes

Publisher: Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag


66 cards

1 hintsheet

1 boardmarker


As in the original game The Mind, The Mind Soulmates from Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag is all about putting down the card at the right time. The lower the number on the card, the sooner you want and need to play it. Make sure you work together as a team as well as possible to keep moving up the level. 

Let’s get it on the table

Sort the level cards in ascending order and place them on an upside-down stack in the middle of the table with level 1 on top. Shuffle and thoroughly place the number cards in the middle of the table.

Place the number of lives on the table, next to the piles of cards.

The Seer reveals the top level card of the pile (starting with level 1), this shows how many number cards to take. E.g. at level 1, 4 number cards are drawn. The card also shows how many times the Seer may look and how many hints may be given. After this, shuffle the 4 cards (level 1) and deal them out.

Now, one by one, the players start placing their cards face down in the middle of the table, aiming to have them laid out in ascending order from low to high. There is no fixed player order!

End of the game

After the players have laid down all their cards, the Seer checks whether all the cards have been laid down in ascending order from low to high. If it works, the level is successfully completed and you move on to the next level.

If not successful, play the current level again with the same set of cards.

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5

Replayability: 8

My rating: 7,5 out of 10 dices

🔹End opinion

The Mind Soulmates is a fun game, the rules are not too difficult. The game itself, on the other hand, is really challenging, the first few levels are manageable but after that it really becomes more and more of a challenge. Despite the fact that the game is replayable, once we have passed all the levels once, we will not play again.

Thanks to NSV for the opportunity to review this game.

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