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Smash Up 10th Anniversary

Game summary

Players 2 – 4 

Play time: 30 – 60 minutes

Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group


Smash4 Faction decks with 20 cards each

9 Base cards

11 Titans

4 Card dividers

1 Big Base

5 Base mats

1 Goblin coin/First Player Token

10th Anniversary Art Book


Smash Up 10th Anniversary Set from @alderaceg doesn’t need much explanation. This anniversary box contains several new factions Mermaids, Skeletons, and the World Champs, as well as brand-new Titans, and a reprint of the Sheep faction for those who may have missed out the first time.

You will also receive a number of upgrade items to upgrade your Smash Up games such as new base mats, goblin token and a new Big Base or play Smash Up in a completely new way. 

The very cool item you will receive in this box is the 10-year Anniversary Art Book

Let’s get it on the table

Smash Up is a 2-4 players game with a total of 8 different factions. Use your favorite team to control bases to earn Victory Points.

Every player selects 2 factions, take all the cards, and shuffle them together so each player has a deck of 40 cards. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and combining two factions creates interesting and unique combinations. Each player draws five cards.

Shuffle the base cards and draw one base card per player + 1 and place them between all the players.

A turn has 5 phases;

1 Start Turn; Activate the cards with the ability “start of your turn”.

2 Play cards; Play a character, action or activate the abilities (On-play, Ongoing, Special or Talent) on played cards

3 Score bases; When you’ve played cards or activated abilities you can score any points. When the total power of a base card has been reached, that base will score points. First look at all the cards if there are any abilities and resolve them first. Then the player with the highest score is the winner, then number 2 and the 3rd place. Each player receives the number of VP corresponding to the final score of this base

4 Draw 2 cards; your max hand size is 10 cards

5 End Turn; At this phase any characters will be destroyed, draw a card. All abilities will expire now

End of the game

When a player(s) reach 15 VP’s the game ends

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5

Replayability: 8

My rating: 7,5 out of 10 dices

🔹Artwork, components & game rules

The upgrade components look really good! Artwork is very nicely done and the new base mats and a new goblin token make it even more fun to play.

The box looks very cool! But the question is do you want to have everything in individual boxes or do you eventually choose to buy the big box which if all goes well can hold a lot.

🔹End opinion

If you are not very familiar with Smash Up yet, I would recommend buying one of the other sets, think Marvel or Disney. This will give you a nice set to get you started, of course you can do the same with this set but this is mainly meant as an expansion & upgrade for all your current ones. In other words, a real collectors’ item.

Smash Up itself is a fun game and I have several of them in my gaming cabinet. This one just adds something new to it and especially because of the upgrades! The 10th years anniversary art book is very cool to read and look through with which factions have all been released. We haven’t tried the Big Base mode yet mainly because we like the base game itself enough.

In Smash Up, you will have to be creative with your factions and strategy and combine them with each other. The quick play time and easy rules make this a game for all types of board game lovers.

Thanks to Alderac Entertainment Group for this review copy! 

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