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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Thrills & Chills

Game summary

A game for  2 – 4 

Play time around +- 35 minuten

Publisher: The OP 


With this expansion you get the following components:


3 Acrylic Standees
3 Character Ability Cards
3 Character Decks (10 cards per deck)
3 Character Turn Order Tokens
9 Status Effect Tokens

3 Cauldron Born Tokens

Let’s get it to the table

Thrills & Chills, the second expansions for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena from The OP Games.

In this  expansion get 3 new team members;
– The Horned King
– Jack Skellington and

– Mother Gothel

Just like the first expansion, you can use these characters and add them with other characters from the base game.

These characters bring two new mechanics and a new status effect that you haven’t seen yet in the base game.

Can you assemble a winning team to score the most points and win from your rivals?

The new mechanics

Constant Ability; This ability is always in effect , when this character is in the Arena. You can find the ability in the right corner of the character’s ability card.

Character Tokens; These tokens are placed in the arena by the use of various cards or abilities. These tokens are 2 sided, a blue and a red  side. When a character token is place in the arena, turn it to the side of the matching team color in a unoccupied place.

Character tokens are treated as characters in the arena, they are allies to the characters on their Summoner’s team and rivals to the other team. Their basic stats and attributes are specified by the character token’s special abilities unless otherwise explained.

When a character token receives any damage, it’s Ko’ed and removed from the Arena.

The new status effect

Afraid; The character with this effect must use each of it’s movement phases if possible. At the end of it’s movement phase the character receives 2 damages when it’s adjacent to a rival

Een bonenveldtableau waarbij 3 velden gevuld zijn met bonen en er ook al een aantal bonen verkocht zijn en omgezet zijn naar munten.

To learn the game, they’ve created a way with different chapters where you learn to play the game. You start the game simple and after each chapter you will use more abilities and other powers from your teammates.

During your turn, there is just one character active. When all the characters have been active in this round, the round ends.

To perform an action, you must play a card from that character, on this card you will see what type of action you can do. You can use a move action or an attack action, perform this action and look for any other actions on the card.

Then the turn goes to the next character, this can be in your team or in your rivals’ team. When you’re being attacked, you can also use a card to defend your teammate. The game ends when at the end of a round

– a player scores their 12th or later in the chapters their 20th VP

– or when a player cannot draw any card from their deck.  

Conclusion & final score

Weight: 2.50/5
Re-playability: 8

My score: 8 out of 10 dice

Overall impression of the game

A great new expansion for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, to play this expansion you need the base game! I really enjoy the game and the new expansion also adds more diversity to already a great and fun game! I still think this is a great game for the family with all the great characters from Disney.

Even though this is a nice expansion, in terms of characters it attracts me personally a little less. But that has nothing to do with the abilities of the characters, I’ve never watched the movies with all 3 of these characters. The artwork and components are really great again! The use of the plastic standees are awesome, can this be used on other games as well?

There are already 2 expansions and a 3th has already been announced, I’m also very interested in a large box so you can get everything in 1 big box. I am already looking forward to next expansion –> Epic Alliances Leading the Charge

This copy was made available by The OP.

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