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Harry Potter: Mischief in Diagon Alley

Game summary:

A game for 3 – 5 players
Play time around 15 Min
Publisher: The Op


The box contains the following components:
1 Cobblestone Street Center Board
5 Double-Sided Diagon Alley Shopps
15 dice (5 of each type)
60 Hogwarts School Supply Tokens (12 each of 5 items)
54 Galleon Tokens

The Double-sided player boards with the right suplly for these boards.

An example of a player board with different supplies

Let’s get it to the table

Get ready for your schoolyear at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You’re going to Diagon Alley to gather all of your school supplies. A mysterious hex has mixed up all the Shoppes, the brooms, wands, animals and other magical items are everywhere. During the game you roll the dice and tossing the supplies that don’t belong and grab those items that do. Are you the fastest to restore the magical mayhem and win the game?

The goal of the game is to remove the supplies from your shop to the other shops or to the Cobblestone Street Center board and gather the items that belong in your shop. When at some point a player only has the items from his shop at his board, then the round ends.

Place the Cobblestone Street in the centre of the table. Then give every player a Diagon Alley Shop and 3 different dice.

Each player take the same number of each item except the one that belongs in their shop (see right corner of your player board). The additional supplies go to the center.

Now we are ready to play

The game starts when all the players are ready and say 1,2,3, Wingardium Leviosa

All players roll their 3 dice at the same time. Look at the result of the item die and move 1, 2 or 3 item(s). The direction dice shows Left, Right, Center or ? (player’s choice)

When you’re ready, roll the dice again. You don’t have to wait for the other players.

A round ends as soon as a player has only the items for his shop on his player board.

The player who ends the round immediately receives 3 Galleon.

After this, all players receive 1 Galleon for each item of his or her shop, minus 1 Galleon for each other item in your shop.

The player who gets 11 Galleon or more first is the winner

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5
Replayability: 8

My rating: 7,5 out of 10 dices

Overall impression of the game

TI initially thought this game would be Mickey Foodfight in a different guise, but nothing could be further from the truth. Harry Potter: Mischief in Diagon Alley is about the stores in Diagon Alley where a mysterious spell has mixed up everything. The nice thing about this version is that instead of just giving stuff away, you now also must make sure that you start collecting the goods for your store and that they are only on your plate (store). This can be quite tricky at times, because in between, of course, items come your way via other players. Fortunately, at times you can prevent the other players from winning by moving stuff their way in time. 

In the game you play with dice, so there is a lot of luck involved but that makes it very fun. This also makes it very chaotic at times because on one side you try to give away or obtain something and through the other side you can receive something again. The game components are of excellent quality, the items are very thick and good for re-playability, I personally like the artwork of the goods. The stores they have picked out nicely and you have some well-known stores in there that you can play with.

This is a very fun game for Harry Potter fans of course, but the theme is not very present and therefore also very suitable for other players. Even with children, this one is also very fun to play! In terms of rules maybe a little more difficult than Mickey and Friends FoodFight but with us they found this one very fun and good to play. If you want a fun and fast game, then this one is definitely recommended!

I want to thank The OP Games for letting me review this game, my opinion has not been afflicted by this. Are you curious about their other games? Be sure to check out their website!

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