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Piri Piri Summoners


A game for 2 – 4 players
Playing time is around 30 minutes
Publisher is Mokuomo


Summon spirits with your handcrafted wooden meeples. Strategize, and outwit rivals to dominate the mystical Piri Piri world.

Setting up the game

Every player receives 8 coins and 1 wooden sculpture

Split the cards into 2 decks;
1 deck with the Kings, Queens and Jacks, these are the spirit cards
1 deck with the Joker, Aces and the number cards, these are the element cards

After this, shuffle all decks and give each player 3 spirit cards. You will try to get these cards on the table and win the game once you have played all 3.

Now give each player 4 cards from element deck, create an open market with 5 cards and place 1 card in the middle of the table.

The first player may start playing and is played in a series of rounds until the end of the game.

Let’s play

At the beginning of your turn, take a card from the discard pile or one of the face-up cards. Discard a card to the discard pile or place a card face down on the table.
Now place one of your spirit cards if the cards on the table meet the conditions. Finally, you now place your wooden animal on the card you laid down.

You have 3 different action during your turn;

  • discard one of the cards from your hand and take a top card from the pile.
  • Draw the top card from the pile and then place a card from your hand on the table and place your wooden sculpture on this new card.Ê
  • Pay 1 coin and take an exposed card from the market and take it in hand. After this, place another card from your hand on the table and move your wooden sculpture to this card.

Placing cards
Cards must always be placed contiguously, may always be placed diagonally but if you want to place a card directly next to another card, you must pay close attention to the colors. You may place a new card only if it is stronger than the color card lying there or if they are neutral against each other (similar to stone, paper and scissors). If a card is weaker than another card, you may only place it if the number is higher than the card there.

A joker may be placed anywhere and any card may be placed next to it.

An Ace can be placed anywhere next to it, but not next to a spirit card. This places the card that was there at the bottom of the draw pile.

You can get extra coins by flanking a card on which an opponent is standing with his wooden sculpture, once this succeeds, the wooden sculpture and the card of the player in question is removed and he must pay 1 coin to the player who performed this action. The wooden sculpture goes back to that player and the card disappears on the bottom of the draw pile. If there is no wooden sculpture, only the card is placed at the bottom of the draw pile.

The object of the game is to get your spirit cards on the table, the Jacks have the easiest task, followed by the Queen and the Kings have the most difficult task. As soon as there is an opportunity to place your spirit card on the table, you may place it immediately. If more than one player wants to do this then the player whose turn would be first may place this card down. Now place the card where it should be with your wooden sculpture and pay 2 mana. After this, the cards you needed for this card are placed at the bottom of the draw pile.

Conclusion & final score

Difficulty: 1.50/ 5
Re-playability: 8
Our score: 7 out of 10 dice

The game ends as soon as a player has placed his 3rd spirit card, this player immediately wins the game.

It may be that you cannot end the game because players do not have enough coins left, then the game cannot end according to “standard” game rules. Then agree that you will end the game. After this, add up the following points;
1 point for each coin, 2 points for each Jack, 4 points for each Queen and 6 points for each King you placed on the table.

This is a preview copy so the final game may look slightly different but considering the previous games we have played there will not be much difference. Mokuomo is going to release another very nice game with Piri Piri Summoners.

The game plays very well, at the beginning it took some time to figure out the rules. Placing diagnostic cards is not very difficult, but it is when you have to place a card next to it, but this quickly fell into place during the first game. It is very nice to play with the wooden sculptures and therefore the game just looks very nice already.

While playing, pay close attention that you have enough coins left to place your spirit cards or else it might cost you your victory.

Thanks to Mokuomo for this preview copy and the opportunity to write about it. Wil je meer zien over deze campagne? Want to see more about this campaign, click here to go to the Kickstarter page.

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