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Toy Story – Obstacles & Adventures

Game summary:

A game for 1 – 5 players
Play time around 45 – 90 Min
Designer: Prospero Hall, Kami Mandell

Publisher: The Op


The box contains the following components:

1 Rule Book

5 Rule Sheets
1 Game Board

261 Cards (42 Small, 198 Regular, 21 Oversized)

4 Dice
6 Adventure Boxes

11 Dividers

6 Adventure Tracks

5 Player Boards

6 Zinc Tokens

65 Chip Pieces (35 Insight, 25 Imagination, 5 Health)

An example of a player board ready for the first turn. You can keep these cards into your hand or on the table, it doesn’t really matter because you’re working together in this game.

The supply with the Insight Tokens and the Imagination Tokens

 Let’s get it to the table

This review contains no spoilers!

For this review I will only explain how you set up the game board and some information from the first Adventure box.

First we’re going to place the game board in the middle of the table so all of the player can reach it. Then we’re going to place the Adventure track on the board with the track Token.

Place the Danger cards and the Hazard cards (without the Escape from Sid card) on the designated space. The Escape from Sid card can be placed open on below the deck with the Hazard cards.

Now shuffle the Adventure stack and place it on the right side of the main board and place 6 cards open below the main deck.

Every player also receives a player board and the matching starting decks, shuffle this deck and place it on the left side of your player board. Then take 5 cards into your hand.
Place the turn order card and your ability card and place them on top of your player board. Take your Health tracker on space 10 of your health track.

Create 2 piles, one pile with the Insight pieces and one pile with the Imagination pieces.

The goals of the first game is to overcome all the 4 Hazard cards before the Moving Van Token has reached the end of the adventure track.

When the first player starts the game, that player reveals a Danger card and resolve the effect on that card, for example an active Toy loses 1 Health and move the token 1 space on the adventure track. After the Danger card has been resolved, that player is going to play his 5 cards.

The active player is going to play his cards and use the abilities on the card and/ or collect the items to buy cards or try to overcome the Hazard. When you’ve bought a card from the market, that card goes directly to your discard pile (or to your main deck when you’ve played a card with that specific effect).

When you’ve played all your cards, take any actions etc. Follow these steps to end your turn and get the board ready for the next player.

–       First we’re going to see if the Token has reached the end of the track, if it does then the game directly ends. Reset the game and try again. But if it hasn’t reached the end of the track you still can continue;

–       Have you assigned enough tokens to the Hazard this turn? Replace it with the next card that is in the pile of Hazard cards. If it’s the last Hazard and the Token hasn’t reached the end of the track it means that you have won this game! You now can continue to the next adventure;

–       Refill the Adventure cards;

–       Place all cards played this turn into your discard pile, you can’t save any cards for the next round;

–       Discard any remaining tokens on your player board to the supply;

–       Draw a new hand of five cards, if your deck is run out of cards you have to shuffle your discard pile and create a new draw deck.

Your turn ends and the next player will start his turn. 

The Danger deck with a Danger cards open, all Toys lose 1 Health. 

The Adventure track with the Van Token, on this example the Van Token has reached the end of the track and the Game ends.

End of the game

Each of the Adventures ends when you’ve overcome all the Hazards in each Adventure, but the further you get the more Hazards will join your game. Each game will get the Hazards from the earlier adventures.

But what if you can’t overcome the Hazards? Can you lose? Of course! You lose once the Token has reached the end of the Adventure track. If you lose a game, just start over by resetting everything from that Adventure and try again.

The Adventure cards, you can ‘buy’ these cards with the Imagination points you have collected in your turn.

A few examples of the Danger cards

A few examples of the Hazard cards from the first Adventure box

Final Conclusion & rating:

Weight: 2/ 5
Replayability: 6

My rating: 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲

Overall impression of the game

Unfortunately, I can’t reveal much because otherwise I’ll give away too much, but Toy Story Obstacles & Adventures is a very fun deckbuilding game. Yes you obviously have to really like Disney and especially Toy Story, otherwise you should definitely leave this game out. This is a game that is completely dominated by Toy Story.

I think Toy Story Obstacles & Adventures is a very nice game that you can play with older children, especially because they can understand the English text on the cards but the fun part of the game is that it is cooperative and you can help each other very well. I myself play this game solo and then you play with 2 Toys and you can also switch per adventure. The cards look very nice both the Danger and the Hazard cards that can be a bit exciting as well as the Adventure cards that you can add to your own deck. So far all the characters from the movies come back in this game and that makes it recognizable and very fun to play.

It is a friendly game, despite the fact that you sometimes have to give up some health, you can often get it back quickly both through your own cards and by helping each other during the game. In the beginning the Hazard cards are easy to beat, but later in the game they will become more difficult and there will be more of them on the board at the same time (no spoiler because you have 3 spaces for them 😉 on the board). What can sometimes be tricky is that you might not have enough Imagination and therefore cannot buy cards, in which case each player may replace all face-up cards with new ones.

You can set up the game quickly by using the Divider cards. These ensure that each type of card can be stored separately and can therefore also be brought to the table quickly.

Are you a fan of deckbuilding or are you curious about this mechanism? Then I definitely recommend this game! If you are an experienced player, you may find this game too light.  Any Disney and Toy Story fan will love this game anyway because you can play with 5 different Toys.

I want to thank The OP Games for letting me review this game, my opinion has not been afflicted by this. Are you curious about their other games? Be sure to check out their website!

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